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tv   [untitled]    December 15, 2011 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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supervisor kim: good afternoon, . the court today is gail johnson,
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and we would like to acknowledge the tofrom sfgtv. -- the staff from sfgtv. are there any announcements? >> all persons attending this meeting are requested to turn off cell phones and pagers. if you wish to submit speaker cards, given to the clerk. please submit an extra copy for the file. items will be sent to the full board will be acted upon at a board meeting of january 10, 2012 and was another day is indicated. supervisor kim: can you please call item no. 1? >> motion confirming the mayor's appointment of bryant tan to the entertainment commissioned a term ending july 1, 2015. supervisor kim: we have bryant tan here today. thank you for being here.
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this will go for all of the applicants today. speak briefly about your background and your interest in serving on the commission. >> thank you, supervisor kim, supervisor wiener and farrell. my name is bryant tan, i am, as you know, and urban planning representative on the entertainment commission. i will tell you a bit about myself. i was born and raised in san francisco, a product of the public schools here. i grew up primarily in the tenderloin district. my family is also here. i am a hometown guy. what i wanted to share beyond that is that my academic training is an urban planning. i received an undergraduate degree at ucla ndand my graduate
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degree in massachussettes. first, as a resident and a young person, now allows an adult in the city, entertainment has been a huge part of my life -- canal as an adult in the city, entertainment has been a huge part of my life. i have looked for people with shared values. tand for entertainment in the castro -- the second point i wanted to make outside of my own personal interests and supporting the arts and culture of san francisco, making this a world-class field where people look at an entertainment part of the city. i work for the department of children, youth, and families.
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when we look at opportunities for young people to have safe and accessible places after dark or after hours, they are few and far between. my work currently is related to the planning -- working with young people to identify issues that they care about and figure out ways to address those issues. i hear often that young people are looking for entertainment opportunities, what are the venues that we go to? how do i get around without having a fake i.d.? how do i access things when i am between 18 and 21? they are old enough to make adult decisions but not old enough to participate in many of the venues. one of the things i would like to work on is to figure out how to expand those opportunities for young people throughout san francisco. the last thing, really as an
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urban planner, this isn't just any old seat. how do we bring communities together? how do we bring all sides of the issue to really develop, grow, and address issues around economic development, recreation, and quality of life? in my training and my work, i worked as a planner at the community center, it was about understanding community needs and resident needs. there are pros and cons to building a subway line. there are pros and cons to getting a night life, a bar, a club in a neighborhood. if we can agree on a shared set of values and interests to benefit neighbors and neighborhoods, we can lead and create a community that can work.
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those are perspectives and experiences that i bring. i look forward to serving the commission, again, as a resident, as a person that thinks and works 9-5 about young people. and as an urban planner by training. i am happy to answer any questions you have now or later. supervisor kim: are there any questions? supervisor wiener. supervisor wiener: thank you for having interested in this commission. i was very impressed, not just with your background, but with your thinking about entertainment and nightlife. it is incredibly important that the entertainment commission have a perspective from youth, both in terms of its membership and the life experience. we have had a number of issues
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come up, more and more the abc trying to shut down the under-21 live music venues. a number of us came out against that. as some of the issues around electronic dance music and some of the pressure on those venues. higher appreciate you focusing on those kinds of issues. i don't know if you have any thoughts about those issues in particular. >> like i said, one of the main concerns, one of the ways i will look at those issues is thinking about safety. venues are often shut down because the primary concern are a fifth violent acts are happening, our young people overdosing -- are if violent acts are happening or if young people are overdosing.
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it is really about being fair, and to regulate it in a way that it really reinforces the safety -- and nobody has come when people are dying are getting hurt. that is just the initial comment, i love live music and electronic music. those are things that i come to. supervisor kim: i had two questions. the entertainment commission involves a lot of time. would you be able to commit roughly 20 hours a month to the commission? >> it is more than just being at the commission meetings, but i went to a commission meeting this past tuesday and at one of the staff there. i came out and met the owners, the business people that are trying to figure this out.
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i definitely can. supervisor kim: i appreciate from commissioners when they come to neighborhood meetings. we have a lot of mixed used neighborhoods -- mixed-use neighborhoods in the south of market. you spoke about the last entertainment commission meeting, something coming to the district next year is the western sun that plan. i was curious if you have any thoughts on that. >> i need to do more reading up on it and speaking about it, but the plan was to build the house and, especially along the eleventh street corridor and in not permitting entertainment venues above harrison. i need to investigate more, to be honest. entertainment and housing don't go hand in hand all the time, we can depend on architecture to buffer malaisenoise, but there e
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problems that can be exacerbated or alleviated. supervisor kim: thank you. at this time, we will open up for public comment. i have a few cards here. alex hadey and asha metta. if there are others, please line up. two minutes. >> good afternoon, i have a resident of san francisco and also serve on the advisory board on gays and the lgbt advisory committee. i am here to speak bryant tan on bryant t on behalf of bryant ta. i have known him since he was
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involved in the while less youth center. he was involved with a lot of youth programs there. a lot of youth can say that they look up to bryant as a role model. he's an mit graduate and he would be a great asset to the entertainment commission. i look forward to seeing him in that role. as an entertainer, he would be there to support the needs of the community. thank you. >> hello, my name is asha metta, i am from the beacon initiative. at my office is right across the hall from bryant's. i have been the director of the initiative and i have been able to watch bryant grow. it was just an idea into a very robust use leadership program. it in fuses high levels of youth
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leadership within -- i would imagine of all the departments, it has the greatest amount of that type of leadership. taken a small body of young people helping make decisions into multiple bodies and citywide change. it is incredibly exciting and robust youth empowerment initiatives that he has led. i can't imagine someone more strategic, more connected to the community back at a very different perspective. what i appreciate about bryant is that he is very rigorous and intelligent and thoughtful, and not a real knee-jerk response -- and never has a knee-jerk response to an issue. it is based on a really thorough decision making into
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thinking. i help you select henhouse -- hope you select him. supervisor kim: thank you. >> ♪ rules committee, pick some entertainment appointees you may say there is no such thing as santa, but me and the appointees, we believe ♪ ♪ the city goose is on the table and the pudding made of fig i know they will get some good entertainment gigs ♪ ♪ i will tell my friends and neighbors better watch out for your city self a will find some more appointees in city hall and they're
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elves ♪ ♪ watch out for your city appointee selves you will hear some rules committee and appointee entertainment bells ♪ supervisor kim: thank you, mr. paulson. [applause] >> good afternoon, supervisors. i have lived in san francisco for 59 years. i am not taking a position one way or the other in regard to mr. tan, but i have to admit since he has an mit grad, he went to the same school as my dad. secondly, i would like to say that since this is a mayoral appointment, i hope to fully consider the actual qualifications of the candidate
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rather than being asian and a mayoral candidate. the reason i feel that way is that sense i have lived in district 7, in my opinion, the infamous triple-play appointment was a real bomb for our district. i feel that the 49ers will be leaving san francisco soon, and with that happening, the entertainment commission becomes even more in important because whenever they are going to do, they will try to replace the forty-niners. that will be a big chore to do. in regard to making suggestions for other candidates that might be considered, it would be interesting to bring in an outsider such as michael wiener, also known as michael savage. outsiders bring something
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different to the city, and since this candidate is already affiliated with the city in an indirect way, are we just putting more people that are already affiliated with the city to fill up more positions and we are not really getting a true outside opinion? when you bring in outsiders, you bring in people that don't have a vested interest as to what their normal job is. who knows if it will happen or not? i just want to make sure we don't have any more gavin newsom triple plays. thank you. supervisor kim: any more public comment? public comment is now closed. this is a motion to confirm the appointment. thank you, mr. tan, for coming in. i got to work with you years ago and i appreciate your focus around entertainment for young people.
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working with young people, there is an incredible lack of activity and i would be really excited to partner with you and also the entertainment industry on some potential ways that we can collaborate to route these issues. i think it is a good issue to work on. >> i think your background is terrific and i was impressed with what you had to say today. i would like to make a motion to approve or confirm mr. tan for this seat. supervisor kim: we can do that without opposition. we will be moving the motion to confirm the appointment with recommendations. madam clerk, item number two. >> appointing one temember


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